NERGI®, The Kiwi Berry is ready for 2018 season

06-22-2018 News

As our kiwi berry orchards are blooming, our different producers through Europe are ready to start the 2018 season that will last from late August to mid-November.

Since 2013, more than 200 hectares of orchards have been planted in Europe, mostly in France, Italy and Portugal. In total, more than 180 NERGI® farmers are in charge of a sustainable and controlled production based on strict specifications to be able to produce NERGI® kiwi berries. The producers all get a SOFRUILEG license to be allowed to sell our fruits.

Arguta Hortgem Tahi – June 2018

SOFRUILEG bought production rights for the berry in Europe and created the NERGI® brand to support the marketing development of the kiwi berries worldwide. SOFRUILEG and its 3 commercial operators are the drivers of this market : PRIMLAND in France, PORTPRIMLAND in Portugal and ORTOFRUIT ITALIA in Italy.

NERGI® comes from natural plant selections of the Actinia Arguta family. Our specificity is the range of 2 main varieties we grow protected by Plant’s Breeders Rights:



The kiwi berry species are different depending on the countries and the climate they grow up. The fruits need a special climate to flourish, that’s why they’re mainly located in a specific part of each country:

– In France: the orchards are located in the South West region

– In Italy: the orchards are located in Piemonte area in the North

– In Portugal: the orchards are located close to Porto

Arguta Hortgem Rua – June 2018

NERGI® will still be on the stalls alongside with other berries. Consumers are fond of this practical, healthy and sweet kiwi berry that can be eaten easily with its edible skin.

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