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SOFRUILEG is a French company specialized in managing intellectual property and designing and distributing innovative technical and marketing concepts for fruits and vegetables.

SOFRUILEG’s mission is to bring new technological and varietal solutions to add value to the supply chain in existing and future markets in fresh produce and food and non-food industries.

SOFRUILEG is affiliated with the Scaap Kiwifruits De France cooperative, the number 1 kiwi company in France. This privileged relationship with producers offers a significant advantage in understanding new challenges in agriculture and in offering innovative solutions.

Over the years,SOFRUILEG has acquired well-known expertise in France’s green-fleshed kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) sector by successfully inventing new production and preservation techniques for the well-known Hayward variety and in launching the early Summerkiwi™ green kiwi variety.

SOFRUILEG is also present in Europe’s fast-growing yellow-flesh kiwi market with the Soreli (Actinidia chinensis) variety.

SOFRUILEG responds to new market trends and expectations with the Nergi® baby kiwi (Actinidia arguta), a real innovation in the fruit berries and snack field.

Armed with market knowledge, SOFRUILEG is involved in its managed varieties’ strategy by suggesting and implementing innovative marketing ideas with international market entities.

SOFRUILEG relies on long-term partnerships with international plant research and breeding centers, technical institutes, specialist nurseries, producers, structural technicians, market entities, and technical, economic, legal and financial institutions.

SOFRUILEG ’s ambition is to develop its International activities in its core business of green, yellow, and kiwi berries but also expand its technical and marketing expertise to new fruit and vegetable species.


The team


François LAFITTE

Chairman / Kiwi grower in South West of France (Landes area)

picto-tel Phone : +33 (0)6 09 58 04 36

picto-tel f.lafitte@sofruileg.com


Jean Pierre CARUEL

Marketing and Variety Licensing

picto-tel Phone : +33 (0)6 13 89 14 33

picto-tel jp.caruel@sofruileg.com


Fabien BEC

Research and Development / Technics in orchard / Post harvest technics / Sourcing

picto-tel Phone : +33 (0)6 71 53 76 27

picto-tel f.bec@sofruileg.com

Our expertise

Intellectual property management

• Requesting variety protection certificates and brand registration
• Drafting licensing contracts with breeders or their representatives
• Drafting licensing contracts with producers and commercial operators
• Drafting brand contracts
• Drafting variety experimentation contracts
• Managing royalties
• Initiating infringement proceedings

Variety monitoring

• Regularly visiting key international plant variety research and breeding centers
• Implementing and monitoring experimental orchards

Technological innovations

• Climate protection, precision irrigation, assisted pollination, integrated pest management, harvesting assistance
• Improving post-harvest preservation techniques
• Training and accompanying producers and structural technicians
• Implementing planting records and individual orchard monitoring
• Drafting technical and sales specifications
• Producing plant material in nursery

Marketing expertise

• Media and public relations plans
• Creating packaging
• Sensory analysis

Funding applications

Varietal Portfolio


Type of fruits Market position Download


Supermarkets and Retails picto-download-pdf


Supermarkets and Retails picto-download-pdf
The consumption of yellow kiwi in the world has been growing steadily for several years. Fruits with intense yellow flesh, juicy and aromatic are appreciated. Consumers are looking for outstanding taste experience.


Type of fruits Market position Download
CHUHONG New market opportunity picto-download-pdf
Fruits are very tasty with intense and balanced tropical flavors. Appearance and taste offer a great opportunity for new fruits. However size and disease tolerance need to be improved for a commercial cultivar.
The red-fleshed kiwi market does not yet exist due to a lack of performing varieties. New cultivars are being evaluated technically and commercially for the professional market mainly. Some opportunities exist for the gardening market.


Type of fruits Market position Download
SUMMERKIWI™ Supermarkets and Retails picto-download-pdf


Supermarkets and Retails picto-download-pdf
The international market is dominated by the green kiwi mid-season variety Hayward. The changeover period between the end of Hayward season grown in southern hemisphere and the first availability of Hayward grown in northern hemisphere offers a window of opportunity for an early green kiwifruit with nice appearance and very good flavor.


Type of fruits Market position Download
Nergi® Supermarkets and Retails in the berries universe picto-download-pdf




Convenient and healthy, berries are one of the most promising categories in the fruit sector in the world. All profiles of consumers are concerned. Closed to blueberries and raspberries, kiwi berries open new and exciting developments in the berries universe.


Technics of production

• Water management
• Canopy management (higher production and lower pruning cost)

Post Harvest

• Postharvest test
• Fruit tolerance to cold temperature
• Fruit tolerance to CO2 and Ethylene
• Fruit Packaging and selection


SIVAL 2023 : SOFRUILEG nominated for its varietal innovation

SIVAL 2023 : SOFRUILEG nominated for its varietal innovation

SOFRUILEG will be exhibiting at the SIVAL Horticulture Show to be held in Angers from January 17 to 19, 2023. With 700 exhibitors present and 26,000 professional visitors, SIVAL is the only show in France to offer a complete and efficient offer of equipment and services for specialized plant production: arboriculture, vegetable crops, seeds, viticulture, [...]

SOFRUILEG is exhibiting at ANGERS (France)

SOFRUILEG will be exhibiting at the SIVAL Fair (Plant Product Trade Show) in the city of Angers in France from January 17 to 19, 2023. We invite you to meet us on the SOFRUILEG stand where we will present our latest varietal offer for KIWI green, gold and KIWI BERRY. SOFRUILEG : Booth C53 Hall B. [...]

The Nergi season is in full swing !

The sales of the NERGI kiwi berry takes place from August to November. The 125g punnets are particularly popular on the markets of Northern Europe and in particular Germany. In these countries, the NERGI kiwi berry has naturally found its place in the berry fruits section where consumption has been developing for several years.

François LAFITTE


François LAFITTE


Jean-Pierre CARUEL

Marketing and Variety Licensing

Jean-Pierre CARUEL

Marketing and Variety Licensing

Fabien BEC

Research and Development

Fabien BEC

Research and Development

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Address: 45, chemin de Peyrelongue / 40300 LABATUT (FRANCE)
Phone: 00 +33 (0)5 58 98 65 18
Web: www.sofruileg.com

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