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NERGI®, The Kiwi Berry is ready for 2018 season

06 22nd, 2018 News

As our kiwi berry orchards are blooming, our different producers through Europe are ready to start the 2018 season that will last from late August to mid-November.

Since 2013, more than 200 hectares of orchards have been planted in Europe, mostly in France, Italy and Portugal. In total, more than 180 NERGI® farmers are in charge of a sustainable and controlled production based on strict specifications to be able to produce NERGI® kiwi berries. The producers all get a SOFRUILEG license to be allowed to sell our fruits.

Arguta Hortgem Tahi – June 2018

SOFRUILEG bought production rights for the berry in Europe and created the NERGI® brand to support the marketing development of the kiwi berries worldwide. SOFRUILEG and its 3 commercial operators are the drivers of this market : PRIMLAND in France, PORTPRIMLAND in Portugal and ORTOFRUIT ITALIA in Italy.

NERGI® comes from natural plant selections of the Actinia Arguta family. Our specificity is the range of 2 main varieties we grow protected by Plant’s Breeders Rights:



The kiwi berry species are different depending on the countries and the climate they grow up. The fruits need a special climate to flourish, that’s why they’re mainly located in a specific part of each country:

– In France: the orchards are located in the South West region

– In Italy: the orchards are located in Piemonte area in the North

– In Portugal: the orchards are located close to Porto

Arguta Hortgem Rua – June 2018

NERGI® will still be on the stalls alongside with other berries. Consumers are fond of this practical, healthy and sweet kiwi berry that can be eaten easily with its edible skin.

NERGI® is a modern and connected fruit very active on social media:

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Please contact Jean-Pierre Caruel, Marketing and Variety Licensing:


Mobile: + 33 6 13 89 14 33





Kiwiberry NERGI® at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018

02 2nd, 2018 Event, News

We’re pleased to announce that NERGI®, the kiwiberry, will be part of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin, from February 7th to the 9th. Every year, 3077 exhibitors and 76 000 visitors attend this worldwide-known fruits and vegetables event.

In 2013, NERGI® berries had drawn the attention by winning the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. This reward has confirmed the undeniable interest and success of this unique small green berry in both the main European markets and to consumers.

This kiwiberry that is as big as a grape seed immediately seduced consumers. The fruit perfectly matches the expectations of today’s modern lifestyle. Consumers are extremely fond of practical and healthy products that are perfect for a snack. 100% natural, NERGI® is can be eaten easily and immediately thanks to its edible skin.

On the stalls, NERGI® is sold alongside other berries such as raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. In 2017, more than 4 million punnets were sold (125g punnets) mainly in Germany, France, Italy and United Kingdom. In 2018, the production volume will once again increase.

The berries are handpicked between August 20th and September 10th, depending on the region they’re growing. Thus, the sale period lasts from September to November.

Find the latest news from NERGI® with the two of the three commercial operators who will be attending Fruit Logistica in Berlin:

PRIMLAND: Hall 22 – Stand D14 (

ORTOFRUIT ITALIA: Hall 2-2 – Stand B02 (

For further information, please contact Jean-Pierre Caruel, Marketing and Variety Licensing:


Mobile: + 33 6 13 89 14 33

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SOFRUILEG, Gold Sponsor in Portugal

07 13th, 2017 Event, News

SOFRUILEG will be happy to receive all participants on its stand at the IX International Kiwifruit Symposium in Porto (Portugal) from the 6 to 9 September 2017.

More information on the congress :

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The NERGI® expansion

06 15th, 2017 News

At the end of the planting season in spring 2017, the cultivated area of NERGI ® in Europe now exceeds 200 Ha.

More than 180 Nergi®farmers located mainly in FRANCE, Italy and Portugal grow with care this new innovative berry fruit full of qualities.

Thanks to its small size, its excellent nutritional claims and its 125g protective punnet, NERGI® really has its place in the category of Berry Fruits with raspberries and blueberries.

SOFRUILEG invests in technical support for growers and marketing of the product in order to satisfy the consumer with the best of NERGI®.

The first picks 2017 are planned from mid August.

NERGI® is a connected berry !

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Global Berry Congress 2017

01 5th, 2017 Event, News

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IX International Symposium on Kiwifruit

01 5th, 2017 Event, News

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September 6th to 9th 2017  Porto | Portugal

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Nergi® | Fruit Logistca Berlin 2017

01 3rd, 2017 Event, News

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Global Berry Congress 2016

03 22nd, 2016 Event, News

The latest edition of the GLOBAL BERRY CONGRESS just held in Rotterdam.
The blueberry and raspberry surfaces in production experience a spectacular growth boosted by the boom in consumption and the introduction of new improved varieties. Taste, high postharvest storage capacity are also the qualities recognized for the kiwi berry NERGI®.


03 3rd, 2016 News

SOFRUILEG has joined The International Society for Horticultural Science – in short ISHS.
ISHS aims to promote research in all branches of horticulture world-wide.
More details on ISHS at:

Fruilogistica – 3 to 5 February 2016

12 11th, 2015 Event, News

SOFRUILEG will be present at the next FRUITLOGISTICA exhibition in BERLIN from 3 to 5 February 2016. More information available on our web site later.