SOFRUILEG continues its varietal innovation approach with ‘HAEWON’, the new early green kiwifruit variety

05-28-2021 Event

This new variety will be offered to local producers and packaged
in nearby fruit stations.
European consumers will thus be able to benefit from national products over a longer kiwi season.

HAEWON, an early, green-fleshed variety, was selected by the JARES Research Institute based in South Korea.

Selected by natural means, HAEWON is characterized by fruit with an attractive appearance, sweet, flavourful flesh, large size and high potential yield. HAEWON is an early variety that can be harvested 30 to 40 days before the standard HAYWARD variety with a high sugar content, enabling fruit with a good flavour profile to be marketed from October.

HAEWON is a vigorous plant which also shows good tolerance to PSA (Pseudomonas syringae actinidiae) in the experimental trials conducted to date. The fruit can be stored for about 90 days in normal conditions.

Mediterranean production areas in France, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Greece will be targeted for cultivating HAEWON.

HAEWON is protected by European Plant Variety Rights.

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